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We gladly accept children
(561) 434-4344
We gladly accept children
(561) 434-4344

Our Services

Our Services

Anxiety Reduction:
Using pharmaceuticals or conscious communication. Many patients just need assurance, and we care about their comfort.

Removing stains, discoloration and years from your smile. We use the Ultradent System.

A most important service involving removal of stains on the visible portion of the teeth and hard accretions, followed by polishing.

Crowns, Bridges, and Tooth Including Implants:
Bridges are used to span a gap, replacing a missing tooth.

Crowns involve full coverage of a tooth to correct shape/contact relation. This is usually done on a tooth that is mechanically disfavored, having more fillings than tooth structure to hold it.

Dentures (Full and Partial):
Prosthetic devices used to replace multiple missing teeth.

Removal of hopeless, unrestorable teeth.

Removal of soft, diseased area (cavity) and rebuilding with the restoration of choice (white, silver or gold).

Treatment of soft and hard tissues that support teeth (i.e. gum and bone).

Root Canal:     
Removal of the tooth's diseased inner core, having resulted from a deep cavity or trauma.

Nutritional Counseling:

Emergency Tooth Replanting & Stabilization

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